European Championships Sale 2021

Unfortunately the Covid-19 situation is still severe and due to the current situation we are not going to the European Championships, we don´t want to risk anyone's health. Instead of being there present, during the European Championships in Osijek (21. May- 5. June. 2021), we offer 20% discount from all made to measure jackets and trousers, gloves, Coldwinner underwear and socks. Use the code: EC2021 to get your discount. Orders and more information by email: or your local retailer.

You can order made to measure products with contacting your local retailer or taking the measures yourself according the instructions below.

1. Watch the instruction for measuring

2. Take the measures according to the instruction and write them down on the measurement form. Don´t forget to take the pictures during measuring

3. Choose which model you want and mark it on the measurement form. You can check all available models

4. Choose colours for your jacket and trousers and mark the  colours by numbers on the colour form. Pay attention to the colour availability in each material. Colour availability is marked on the colour form.

5. Write us an email with 8 attached files:

1. Measurement form

2. Colour form

3. Picture taken in front of the shooter

4. Picture taken on the side of the shooter

5. Picture taken at the back of the shooter

6. Picture taken in standing shooting position front

7. Picture taken in standing shooting position side

8. Picture taken in standing shooting position back

Please also write your name,  full adress and phone number in the email.
To get the 20% discount remeber to write the code EC2021 in the orderform or email 

6. Send the email:


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